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Who We Lost: A Portable COVID Memorial
May 2023, Belt Publishing

Publishers Weekly Who We Lost: A Portable COVID Memorial
Third Coast Review: Who We Lost Meets the Loss and Sorrow of Covid with Grace and Fury, by Caitlin Archer-Helke
Leo Weekly: Mortal Remembrance in Fact and Fiction, by T. E. Lyons 
Virus Without Borders by Carol Bergman


February 24, 2024
Louisville Conference on Literature & Culture
“Memory, Mortality & Community in A Post-Pandemic World”

March 6, 2024
Rituals in the Making, George Washington University Anthropology Deptartment  
“Against Forgetting: Bearing Witness Through Pandemic Narratives,” with Introduction by Dr. Anthony Fauci


September 21, 2023
Louisville Public Library 
“More than a Post: Writing About Loss, Remembering Our Loved Ones”

October 12, 2023
Fall for the Book Festival, George Mason University
“Who We Lost: Writing About the Pandemic”

October 21, 2023
Kentucky Book Festival, Lexington, KY

Cuyahoga County Library, Cleveland, Ohio, June 2023
QED Astoria, New York, May 20, 2023
Carmichael’s Bookstore, Louisville, KY, June 4, 2023

“The Covid-19 public health emergency is over, but tales of loss remain. This website offers the bereaved a digital safe space” on CNN. 5.18.24
“‘Are you better off today than four years ago?’ is the wrong question” in The Hill, 4.6.24
“Cameron’s political tactics disrespect everyone we lost during COVID” Lexington Herald-Leader, 10.23.23
“United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Notes on Rituals of Remembrance at the Kentucky Covid Memorial Dedication Ceremony” Rituals in the, August 2023
“The Donna Summer Song that Helps Me Get Through This Silent Grief”, 5.20.23
“Our Pandemic Grief Has No Expiration Date” LA Progressive, 5.12.23
“In Conversation” WFPL NPR Louisville, 7.1.2022, The Toll of Covid Grief
“Central Time” Wisconsin Public Radio, 5.4.2022, Feature: The WhoWeLost Project
Prompt to Page Podcast, Jessamine Public Library, w/ host Carrie Green, Episode: Martha Greenwald
Scott Gabriel Knowles COVID Calls Episode #385 12.7.2021 Who We Lost 
WBUR Boston NPR “Here & Now” 8.25.2021, WhoWeLostKY Project Commemorates Kentuckians
“New Year’s Magic 120% N-19 Novastar Mask Offer,” 1.3.21 Rattle