The WhoWeLost Projects Project publishes visitor-written stories of Covid-19 victims from across the United States. Created as a cousin to the original Kentucky site, after numerous requests, WhoWeLost has been featured on WBUR's "Here & Now" and achieved notable media attention. The WhoWeLost Project is a safe space, free from virus politics and the toxicity of social media. The site features a "writing toolbox," which can help anyone who needs encouragement or inspiration as they write. WhoWeLost supports mourners as well as the mourned. Project

Honoring the memory of Covid-19 victims in Kentucky, by helping their family & friends to remember, write, document, and heal. The project is partnering with colleges and schools, and also collaborating with WUKY NPR Lexington on a radio project giving voice to stories from the site.

Handmade Site Images

Curated from stories and messages sent to the sites, all images are authentic. Typed on a vintage Olympia, then torn, the photographs aim to evoke and spark memories.

Shelter Their Stories

Both and are safe spaces for remembrance. The sites are quiet, respectful, and supportive.