Writing Services

My Work is Innovative, Intuitive, and Thorough

Reach out to me via the contact form on this site to discuss how I can help.

Let’s Work Together:

I am a highly experienced content creator, editor, proofreader, tutor, and workshop instructor. I have a nuanced ear for capturing voice and can ghostwrite with artful discretion.

As relates to the WhoWeLost Project, I am available for readings, festivals, writing workshops, panel discussions, virtual and in-person class visits, conversations, and podcasts. 

On-Demand & Short Turnaround Services:

*Return Key: Typewriter Poetry:
With my vintage 1961 typewriter in tow, I will come to your wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, or gala and type “on demand” personalized poems for your guests. Always popular with those who participate, typewriter poems are the perfect memento to send your guests home with. 

The funeral process is stressful enough without having to worry about composing a eulogy that both honors your lost loved one and will resonate with those in attendance. Via a sensitive interview, I will write your eulogy quickly but with empathy and grace, emphasizing the vital details that must be recounted. You can trust me to write something you will feel comfortable sharing on such a difficult day.

*College and Graduate School Admissions Essays: 
Although some colleges have begun to view the admissions process differently, the Admissions Essay can still matter quite a bit. I have helped hundreds of students with this somewhat daunting process by listening (truly listening!) to their ideas, opinions, memories, and dreams. Then, we come up with a plan and outline together. We follow up after each draft until the student feels confident with what they’ve created. I never write for the applicant. I do coach, encourage, and inquire.